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Apache Wicket Viewer for Naked Objects  v.1.0

An implementation of an object-oriented UI for Naked Objects framework, implementing using Apache Wicket.

Wicket RAD  v.rc

Utilities and components for Apache Wicket aimed at making web application development Rapid. Wiki available at:

Oracle & Wicket Starter Application  v.1.0

A starter application developed using Apache Wicket and Oracle. The software is database specific, exploits Oracle functionality and is based on Oracle's published recommendations of best practice.

Wicket FastForward  v.1.0

FastForward is a library built on Apache Wicket that allows you to generate forms for objects edition/creation. The object to edit must define some metadata to allow FastForward to create a form as close as possible to what you could have done by hand

SM2W Eclipse plug-in  v.beta.1.0.0

SM2W is an Eclipse plug-in that allows users to generate Apache Wicket code (Java and Html markup) from a state machine

Yafra  v.2b

Yet another (different) framework. Examples around Apache Cayenne. Using different technologies like Apache CXF Google Web Toolkit EJB Apache Wicket Eclipse

Bulimgr  v.1.0

This is a 'Bunte Liga Manager'. 'Bunte Liga' is a Open Soccer League. It is a Web based Application developed in Java. Plan to use: Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Wicket. Should run on a Tomcat Server.

Antics  v.1.0

Antics - Yet another collection of custom Apache Ant components: Tasks, tips, examples, idioms, and in-depth articles for build file writers and custom task developers alike.

Wicketopia  v.1.0

A library for rapid application development using the Apache Wicket framework and Domdrides.

WicketDemo  v.1.0

Web development with Apache Wicket => WicketDemo: a showcase for Wicket solutions!

Antilia  v.1.0

The aim of Antilia is the creation of an OSGi enabled library of Wicket components. As well as all the infrastructure to develop OSGi-Wicket based WEB applications.

Wicket Stuff  v.1.3.3

The Wicket Stuff project makes third party components available using the Wicket web component framework. Subprojects of this project contain integrations for Spring, Groovy, Hibernate, Velocity and other popular Java open source

Apache AxKit

Apache AxKit is a convenient server management tool which is used for Apache. It provides on-the-fly conversion from XML to any format, such as HTML, WAP or text using either W3C standard techniques, or flexible custom code. AxKit also uses a

Apache Lenya  v.2.0

Apache Lenya 2.0 is a script designed like a content management system and coming with revision control, multi-site management, scheduling, search, WYSIWYG editors, and workf low. It is Free / Open Source. It has many other features. Major Features:

Complete Apache 2  v.2.0.52

Complete Apache 2 2.0.52 is a powerful and popular utility which can install and setup an Apache 2 web server on Mac OS X. Complete Apache 2 installs the standard Apache 2 software distribution and works "out of the box" with absolutely no

Unix-World Apache / PHP Enterprise (64-bit) for Mac OS  v.r.090203

Apache / PHP Enterprise (64-bit) stable distribution. - Runs Faster, Better and support more high-load than Zend Server or other servers. It is an Enterprise class distribution of Apache / PHP compiled under pure 64-bit environment, using the MySQL

Flip4Mac WMV Components for QuickTime for Mac OS  v.

Allow you to import, export and play Windows Media video and audio files on your Mac. Flip4Mac WMV export components can be used with QuickTime Pro, Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and some older versions of iMovie. - Fixed bug that caused some WMF

Apache Commons Launcher  v.1.1

The Apache Commons Launcher was specially developed to be a cross-platform Java application launcher. Apache Commons Launcher eliminates the need for a batch or shell script to launch a Java class. Some situations where elimination of a batch or

Midgard Components Framework  v.8.09.8

Midgard Components Framework is an advanced component architecture which extends the Midgard Web content management.

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